Designs and Sizes

DECOCODE collections are carefully designed in the aspects of themes, sizes and colors. Luxury of floral designs, magic of hidden places and splendor of world-famous locations will capture your imagination and inspire for the most unbelievable transformation of your living space.

DECOCODE — a fresh look at the interior decoration

Companions collection (15-xxxx-xx)

Combine parts of the mural in your own creative way: hang them together as a whole image or place each part to the separate wall.

Rhythmics collection (14-xxxx-xx)

Contains mainly abstract and ornamental designs. Thanks to the special pattern each article creates an image 2 m wide. If you need to decorate a wider wall, just use several tubes of the same article placing the canvases edge to edge to get a seamless image.

Tandem collection (16-xxxx-xx)

Consists of paired photo murals designed in one style. Place them in different parts of the room to unite all the components of your interior in the desired atmosphere

Poster collection (91-xxxx-xx)

One-piece photo murals of the compact size 0.91x2.11 m can be used for wall decoration or as a door decor, too.

Symmetric collection (12-xxxx-xx)

Every item contains paired photo murals: one is a mirror reflection of the other. Use them to add some symmetry to your interior.

Classical collection (11-, 21-, 31-, 41-xxxx-xx)

This is our very first collection with basic sizes 1 to 4 m wide and 2.8 m high. To make up an image the mural strips are placed in strict order.